The “Traditional Latin Mass” cult and fake “Traditional” groups such as the SSPX and FSSP are a breeding ground for effeminacy. Some traits of the Cult include:

  1. Attracts the ignorant (average attendee), the prideful (average attendee), the liar (Vigano, Abp Lefebvre) the sexually suspect (Taylor Marshall, Timothy Gordon) and the depraved (Michael Voris, most Novus Ordo “Priests”). Most are young and rebelling against their parents, many are converts who know nothing and are very proud of it, and many are just bitter and twisted Americans looking for another way to be special, since their lives when they take the lace doolies off, are no different to their pagan brethren. Some are obviously sincere but misled.
  2. Fosters rebellion against the “Church” and “Pope”. The average attendee is a perfect citizen to begin with – sheeplike to government, rebellious to God.
  3. Like other protestants, come up novel ideas to justify rebellion.
  4. BIG in America, which is known for its INSANE pride, delusion and cruelty.
  5. Obsessed with pretty and fabulous sights and smells. Obsessed with “Reverence”, a word it uses in place of “Showing off”. Often many selfies on social media, showing off how “modest” (haha) one is.
  6. Gratuitous use of Latin in everyday
  7. Over pious. Sanctimonious.
  8. Has no problem constantly abusing their so-called popes and being in schism but if you call them out on this, expect violent and rash accusations of being yourself grossly immoral (known as “projection”, a tactic of narcissists to deflect blame)
  9. All about the Externals, couldn’t care less about substance. Average attendee woefully ignorant of even the basics of the Faith but VERY protective of the lace, Latin and incense.
  10. Obsession with men, women pay much lip service but are usually shrews, men talk big but are often cowards. Promotes the heresy of superiority of marriage to celibate life. Don’t have 8 children? Then you’re not a woman or a Catholic. Just a cover for lust, a desire to be part of secular culture, lack of faith and charity and weakness. Obsessed with women’s hair, elbows and EXACT skirt length.
  11. Commonly Nationalist and America First. Total lack of knowledge of history or compassion for others. Usually hilariously racist as a result.
  12. Americanism
  13. Phariseeism. Thinks cult membership and the inhaling of incense, and the sight of glorious vestments brings salvation. Often despises the poor, poverty and the 14 Works of Mercy. (Very fond of suspect “Mercy Saints” though such as Sr Faustina and Padre Pio)
  14. Persecution complex
  15. Superiority complex
  16. Total and weird obsession with bodily postures not mandated by the Novus Ordo. Desire to be superior at root. .
  17. Made up entirely of Cult of Personalities. Slavish behaviour to in-cult authority. Said authority commonly full of heresy, narcissism and gross stupidity – often looking to gain, financially and otherwise from cultists. Typical Narcissistic arrangement (Alpha Narcs orbited by beta narcs, each leeching off the other)
  18. Despite claiming superior reverence for God, actually show idolatry, to political figures and any old Con Man promising to save them.
  19. Typical narcissistic, cult, Love Bombing when one joins. Extreme bile to outsiders.
  20. The average Trad is EXTREMELY self righteous, immature, nasty, rude, cruel, intolerant to criticism, quick to block, unable to think for itself and only replys to real or imagined criticism with rapid fire Ad hominem attacks. They are actually WORSE than your normal pagan Liberal. Their pride is truly diabolical.
  21. Totally lacking in any humour, but very sarcastic. A classic sign of pride and stupidity.

Suspect Lefevbre was a plant in order to keep a certain kind of Liberal in the (Anti)Church without them realising it, while at the same time promoting protestant ideas about the Church and Pope, while fostering a spirit of rebellion against confessed lawful authority.